Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Update on the 2015 Flu - PPMD Community

Update on the 2015 Flu - PPMD Community: "What should I do if I think my child has the flu?
If your child has symptoms of the flu, call your primary health care provider immediately!  Rapid diagnostic testing, which checks secretions in the throat for the influenza virus, is 50-70% accurate for diagnosing influenza (most providers will send a negative specimen for culture, just to be sure that there is no virus present).  If the test is positive, starting an antiviral medication is recommended.  Antiviral medication should be started as soon as possible in the course of the illness and continued for 5 days.   It is best if this medication is started within 48 hours of the beginning of symptoms, but the treatment can still has some benefit if started later, especially for patients who are experiencing a longer or more complicated course."

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