Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Step scripting

Now that I have the steps listed I needed to amend my notes and re-script them into 2 formats

1. into a summarised format
2. into a detailed format

I plan to use the summarised format as an aide memoire when I am dancing and so it contains only brief details of each step (and as most of the old steps comprised 3 bars then a fling turn the 1st step of fling would be scripted as 'shed R L F')

The detailed format will be the script that I will publish on completion of the challenge. The notes are still summarised (when compared to SOBHD text) but I believe they give all the information required to allow dancers, along with my video, to understand and then perform the steps.

I have now completed the scripting of all the spets that I plan to dance (although depending upon what actually happens I may have to make some changes!)

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