Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Recall Notice for Deflazacort 30mg - PPMD Community

Recall Notice for Deflazacort 30mg - PPMD Community: "PPMD has been in touch with Masters Pharmaceuticals regarding a recall that was sent to many families regarding a recent shipment of Deflazacort. Here is what they told us:
The recall is specific to Deflazacort 30mg, (Marketing Authorisation Holder: Sandoz) and was recently issued by the Spanish Agency of Medicine. The batches that are affected and subject to the recall notification are J021 (expiry 30/06/2017) and J028 (expiry 30/09/2017). Masters is currently trying to establish the reason for the recall but have no further information at this time, but they are working with the Products manufacturer. They are contacting ~230 customers who purchased the affected batches however, we believe that most will only have batch J028 remaining."

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