Friday, 13 February 2009

Practice update

Had a good jump about at the class last night.

Ran over most of my steps - couple of tricky ones that I still have to master up to speed but I reckon I am making good progress.

Got a busy weekend with meetings and so I will not get much of a chance to work on my Fling - but I am hoping to find some 'early' or 'late' gaps in my schedule.


  1. wish you all the luck and best wishes, Dance as Always from you'r heat gareth

    Alba (toe & heel)

  2. Hey
    i would like to say good luck for your 4o step fling!! in two days i have managed to Raise £90 but plan to increase this and have a target of £200 which i will then send on to Fling for Logan! all the best
    Louise Allan xx