Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cowal Fling Challenge - day of the challenge

5.00 am - got up around and jumped about a bit in the house - it was raining and when I checked the forecast I realised that it was on for the day.

6.30 am - got into my kilt, had breakfast and went down the field.

7.45 am - started printing off Worlds Finalist certificates and getting the system ready for the day

10.00 am - dancing started and we started crunching the numbers

1.00 pm - I decided that I needed time out to stretch my legs

1.30 pm - met an old friend then headed up to the ceiligh tent

1.50 pm - time to put my pumps on (toeandheel GOLD open to 4 in case you are interested!)

1.55 pm - started jumping about to get warmed up

2.00pm - Deryck & dad arrived and the MC announced the challenge

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