Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cowal Fling Challenge - the fling

I was not sure what sort of crowd to expect - I knew that the Cowal committee gave me the prime spot before the major bands but thought that the tent would be quiet with people taking a break - WRONG - the tent was packed!

I got onto the stage, found a spot between the speakers, mikes and cables and was looking for some decent space when the music started - flinging had begun.

I started trying to pace myself but the noice from the crowd was so deafening and enspiring that excitement took over.

I knew that I needed to be backstepping til step 16 but I lost count and found that I had danced 2 toeandheel steps when the music changed - got a bit tired at this point, mentally more than physically but the same effect

Toe and heels, shakes & rock steps went pretty well and I think I got back on schedule.

The crowd cheering all the way, some girls screaming in the front (I know who you are!) each time I changed step type - I got a boost each time they did - THANK YOU

I was determined not to repeat steps - my fling was intended to comprise 50 unique steps and this was my challenge.

I think I moved onto pointing steps more or less on schedule but was feeling the heat and so my waistcoat came off - not sure why I did this but I did get a big cheer.

I heard the music change and knew that I was on step 4o - I could feel the end in sight and now knew that I should have enough steps left to complete my fling.

Onto the crossovers and a 5th or 6th wind kicked in - lowcutting, pause, extended, shake, pause & extend, pause & shake and then onto my last steps.

The normal last step first and then onto no 50 - 8 turns.

Adrenaline had truly kicked in by now - a few more turns and then it was over - 50 steps.

Fling done - pumps off - talk to some guys from the media and then, as I forgot to bring water, head down the hill to the catering tent - no chance of water - got a couple of bottles of the sponsor's finest straight from the fridge!

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