Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cowal Fling Challenge - steps

Figuring out my steps should be fairly easy since I had already done & scripted 42 - well not as easy as I thought!

One of my main difficulties in my 40 step fling in April was recalling the steps - not during practice sessions but when the adrenaline kicks in and tiredness starts to bite - I was determined that this would not be an issue with the Cowal fling.

There are a great number & variety of old fling steps (way more than I needed for this challenge) but I needed some that would be interesting, could be danced at speed and were easy to remember.

I decided to link my steps with the music - the music changed after 16 and then 32 steps and so it followed that I should change steps at those milestones also.

The plan was -
1 - 16: 1 first step then 15 backstepping steps
17 - 32: 8 toe and heel steps then 8 shake / rocking steps
33 - 42: pointing steps
43 - 50: 6 crossover then 2 last steps

I sorted out the steps and then started the challenge of memorising them.

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